FEED for Asap, Kido, and Merah Field

Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

FEED for Asap, Kido, and Merah Field

Client: Genting Oil Kasuri Pte. Ltd.

Scope of Work:

Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for Asap, Kido, and Merah (AKM) field, where the field produces 170MMscfd of raw gas which then will be treated for the removalof liquids and supplied to a petrochemical plant in Teluk Bintuni, West Papua.

This project is a continuation of 10 development wells; 6 reentries of existing wells, 3 new development wells, and 1 step-out well each to their respective gas gathering stations (GGS) where the gas and liquid will be separated.

The feed gas will be metered and exported to the petrochemical plant via a truck line. As for the separated gas and liquid, it will be transported to Liquid Processing Plant (LPP) in Nagote, West Papua via pipeline for further processing.

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